The Wall – A Comic book on Rahul Dravid

This is the Rahul Dravid story – full of decency, perseverance, diligence and other virtues. That was a career as impeccable as the whites he wore and as honest as his love for his team sport. While playing in an era of more worldly players and lofty stroke makers, he chiselled away tirelessly, creating sculptures that will always remain some of cricket’s finest and most treasured entities.

In collaboration with Rahul Dravid Fans Club, Sportwalk pays a sincere tribute to the man who stood tall, every time his team needed him to. This is for the unparalleled legacy that Rahul Dravid left behind.

Learn more about ‘The Wall’ project from the Inside Sportwalk blog by Divakar KS.

You can buy a copy from here.